By following and pushing the evolution of the industry we support the multi-format delivery of many of the most complex live events.

About Cromorama


During the 2017 Summer FIFA Confederations Cup, Pablo Garcia Soriano pioneered the implementation of multi-delivery (HDR–SDR) for large sports events. Since then, he has been part of the evolution of the industry, becoming a worldwide reference in broadcast colour management and consultancy. At Cromorama we have a team of experts to service any live event of any scale.

Remote HDR QC

Using the same remote post-production technology used by HBO, WB, Universal, etc. Cromorama can provide encrypted Quality Control services from anywhere in the world to our fully equipped facility.

BEIJING 2022 Winter Olympic Games

HDR–SDR conversions design (LUTs)
HDR–SDR QC operations

FIFA Arab Cup 2021

HDR–SDR conversions design (LUTs)
HDR–SDR QC operations

UEFA Euro 2020

HDR–SDR workflow design
HDR–SDR QC operations

TOKYO 2020 Olympic Games

HDR–SDR conversions design (LUTs)
HDR–SDR QC operations

HDR–SDR ecosystems

Cromorama is a company specialising in colour management with unique experience and know-how. Pablo Garcia Soriano has designed ecosystems and consulted for some of the most challenging live events since 2017. Our “Technology & Engineering Emmy®” nominated ORION-CONVERT algorithm, has facilitated clients like Olympic Broadcast Services (OBS), Host Broadcast Services (HBS), UEFA and NBC Universal in their multi-format file-based and base-band workflows.

Look Creation

The future of live broadcast television is cinematic! “Looks” neither are an exclusive field of cinema nor are they for post-produced content only. With our expertise in colour managed workflows, we can provide live creative looks that would fit all of your deliverables and/or workflows.

Conversion LUT development

We create bespoke standard conversion LUTs for HDR<->SDR ecosystems. This service is the reason why we created the ORION-CONVERT algorithm together with our technology partner AntlerPost. Our LUTs can be found in the products of Grass Valley and AJA Video Systems in the shape of NBC’s LUT package.

Monitor calibration

Viewing galleries in OB units are where creative decisions are taken. In today’s world of HDR-SDR, accurate representations of pictures are paramount. Shaders and HDR Supervisors must trust their viewing environment. At Cromorama we look after them and provide monitor calibration services for the projects that we are involved in.