Research & Development

All we do, comes from years of experience and extensive R&D. There’s no Cromorama without research and development.

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Conversion between HDR and SDR can be performed either on a “live” signal, using a hardware signal processor, or in post-production using editing or colour correction (grading) software. This conversion may be done mathematically, using an algorithm which takes the numerical values of each image pixel and calculates new values, based either on preset functions, or functions with user controls to modify the conversion.

The ORION-CONVERT algorithm takes a novel three step approach to HDR to SDR conversion, with a simple and intuitive set of user controls.

Because the ORION-CONVERT is mathematically defined, it is mathematically invertible.
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Equipment & software testing and benchmarking

It’s our passion to test and try all sorts of imaging equipment and software. From cameras and lenses to grading software and displays. We have in our Lab all the experts and tools needed for the deepest analysis and reporting.

Conversion LUT development

We design and create bespoke and highly specialized conversion LUTs from/to any HDR, SDR or Camera Space. Our Emmy nominated and IBC Special Award Winning ORION-CONVERT algorithm is responsible for the LUT based HDR-SDR workflows of NBCUniversal, UEFA, Tokyo 2020 Olympics, FIFA 2021 Arab Cup, Beijing 2022 winter Olympics, etc…